Policies & Procedures

These documents set out the standards and procedures by which the Council conducts its business.

Standing Orders & Financial Regulations

The Standing Orders cover procedures for Council meetings and regulations regarding the Council’s business. The Financial Regulations set out the working arrangements by which the Town Council’s financial transactions are regulated.

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Publication Scheme

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 applies to all bodies and office holders identified as ‘public authorities’ for the purpose of the Act. The Town Council is one of the public authorities listed in Part II of Schedule 1 of the Act.

As a public authority the Town Council are therefore subject to the Act. Section 10 of the Act requires every public authority to adopt and maintain a publication scheme which has been approved by the Information Commissioner. A publication scheme is a commitment to routinely and proactively provide information to the Public.

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Complaints Procedure

Should you have any issues and or complaints about Alsager Town Council, then please read the following document to understand the best procedure to follow. We will do our best to respond quickly and appropriately to your complaints.

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