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On Tuesday 10th October we start a top soil moving operation that will see increased lorry traffic using Dunnocksfold Road.  For a period of up to10 working days we will be using 10 lorries to remove excess soil from the site.  These lorries will each make several trips a day.

I am informing you in advance so that you are aware of the increased activity, as I consider it likely that local residents along Dunnocksfold Road will contact you.

The lorries will only arrive and depart within the approved working hours.  Work will only take place on this operation Monday to Friday.

We will install a banksman on the entrance to our site on Dunnocksfold Road to ensure that all traffic enters and leaves safely.

We are employing a road sweeper permanently during this operation to ensure that any mud or debris that makes it to the highway is cleaned up immediately.  The access road within the site has already been topped in advance of this operation in an effort to reduce the likelihood of mud and debris getting to Dunnocksfold Road.