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The Town Council is required by law to prepare a budget in order to calculate its precept requirement.
The budget must give details of planned expenditure for the financial year ensuring that financial resources are aligned to the priorities of the Council.
The Town Council is keen to provide local services for Alsager residents, as your first tier of Local Government.  Its aim is always to provide value for money for the Council Tax payer in serving the needs of the Communities of Alsager.  The Town Council has thoroughly debated in public its priorities and service requirements for the forthcoming financial year.  On the 16th January 2018, the Council determined the full value of its 2018/19 budget that contains net spending plans to a total of £562,968.  Earmarked reserves, general reserves and external grant funding are being utilised to finance expenditure and a Precept request of £357,751 has been made to Cheshire East Council, the Collecting Authority in this respect.

Your annual Council Tax charge is built up by the annual charges of Cheshire East Council, Alsager Town Council, Cheshire Fire Authority and the Police and Crime Commissioner.  The Council Tax charge relating to Alsager Town Council for 2018/19 will be £80.32 per Band D equivalent household, which represents an increase of 1% from 2017/18.

The following services are provided by the Town Council and are included within the Town Council’s 2018/19 budget:
Acting as the first tier of Local Government influence on all matters affecting Alsager and it’s community well being
Alsager Civic
Alsager Institute
Public conveniences on Crewe Road
Wednesday Market
4 allotment sites at Cedar Avenue, Lawton Road, Coronation Avenue and Talke Road

We also contribute to:-
Town centre services – Planters, litter bins and signage
CCTV service funding
Grants to voluntary clubs and organisations
Planning application consultee
Local licensing consultee
Funding activities for young people
In Bloom initiative
Community events – Christmas lights and market amongst others
Information – the Town Council offices 3 Lawton Road provide an advice and information facility for the local community and visitors
Community networking – our Councillors are elected to represent the Town Council on many groups and organisations in the Town
The development of a Neighbourhood Plan

The approved budget for FY2018/19 can be found in key documents or click on the link below.

Town Council Approved Budget 2018-19