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Alsager Town Council is pleased to announce that it now registered to use a domain for its website and email addresses. This has been a lengthy process for the Town Council as the registration with Central Government involves a number of rules, principles and responsibilities for the Town Council.
Completion of all email addresses has now taken place and the website address is currently underway.

Here are the new email addresses for Councillors and Officers of Alsager Town Council:-

Councillor Derek Hough
Councillor June Buckley
Councillor Michael Unett
Councillor Jo Dale
Councillor Julia Hawkins
Councillor Rod Fletcher
Councillor Jane Smith
Councillor Phil Williams
Councillor Ron Tyson
Councillor Pauline Hubbard
Councillor Julian Goodrich
Councillor Jane Hearne
Councillor Sue Helliwell

Officers at the Town Council can be contacted on:-