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Corporate Strategy

The corporate strategy describes the Council’s vision, forward plan and its key priorities and objectives. The strategy is currently being updated to cover a four year period. The current Action Plan for 2018-19 is available at the link below.

      Action plan 2018-19 – approved 7th November 2017

      Corporate Strategy 2015-2018

Financial Information

Here you can find details of the Council’s current budget and the accounts for the last financial year.

pdf-icon.png Town Council Approved Budget 2018-19

     Alsager Town Council BDO External Audit Conclusion FY2016-17

pdf-icon.png Alsager Town Council BDO External Audit Conclusion FY2015-16

Asset Register

     Fixed Asset Summary  

    Town Council Asset Register 2017-18 – approved 27th March 2018

Town Council Risk Assessment & Management

      Town Council Risk Assessment & Management – approved 27th March 2018

Annual Report

      Town Council Annual Report May 2018

Town Strategy

The Alsager Town Strategy is a vision for the town which covers a range of issues including housing, employment, leisure, community. It was adopted in July 2012 following a widespread consultation exercise involving Alsager residents.

pdf-icon.png Download the Town Strategy

Supplementary Planning Document

This sets out a framework for development in the town centre and includes a vision and planning policies to support it.

pdf-icon.png Download the Supplementary Planning Document

Local Plan

To view information regarding the Local Plan, please visit the