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Copy of Schedule of Meetings 2019-20

Agendas for all Town Council meetings will be available to see here prior to each meeting. All meetings are held at either:

Alsager Institute, Green Drive, Alsager, ST7 2EQ

Alsager Civic, Lawton Road, Alsager, ST7 2AE

Copies of the Agenda and Background Papers are available from the Town Council Offices in accordance with the Town Council’s Publication Scheme below.

Town Council’s Publication Scheme

Members of the general public are most welcome to attend the Town Council, Finance Policy & Governance, Planning Environment & Community Services, Alsager Civic & Services Committee and Alsager Institute Committee meetings and there will be a public participation period at the beginning of each meeting during which members of the public can ask questions and raise issues.

Councillors Attendance at meetings 2019-20

Councillors Attendance at meetings 2018-19

Councillors Attendance at meetings 2017-18

Alsager Civic and Services

Responsible for all matters relating to the Civic Hall, Markets, Public Conveniences and Allotments.

Terms of Reference

Alsager Institute

Responsible for all matters relating to the management of the Institute.

Terms of Reference

Finance, Policy & Governance

Recommends to Council the Annual Budget, policies of the Council and matters of Governance. Determines the Council’s spending priorities and is responsible for Internal Audit and insurance, grants etc.

Terms of Reference

Personnel Committee

Responsible for Staffing and Staffing Issues, Training and Annual Reviews.

Terms of Reference

Planning, Environment & Community Services

The Planning Committee provides consultee responses to strategic documents and other consultations. Considers and provides a formal observation on every planning application in Alsager. Also considers Highway issues, Licensing, Tree Preservations or community and environmental matters.

Terms of Reference

Town Council

The full Town Council meetings cover general issues relating to the work of the Council.

Terms of Reference

Annual Parish Meeting

The Annual Parish Meeting is held yearly and is an opportunity for any resident within Alsager to raise any issues within the Town. It takes place between the 1st March and the 1st June.